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Aaron Tinsley-Bradford "Baby Jaws"

Meet Aaron “Baby Jaws” Tinsley-Bradford

Congratulations to Aaron "Baby Jaws" Tinsley-Bradford! Baby Jaws is only in his 2nd year of competing.  During the4th Annual TYR 8 and Under Finale BLAST hosted by South Lyon Aquatics of Michigan on March 23, 2019, Baby Jaws came away with the High Points Award for the...

Diversity in Swimming

Diversity in Swimming does not exist. That’s not my opinion, that is an observable fact. Juan Caraveo called the 2016 US Olympic swim team “the most diverse yet”. Caraveo is a sports diversity and inclusion consultant for USA Swimming. However, out of 47 swimmers, only...

Happy Birthday Black Kids Swim!

Black Kids Swim is now THREE years old! November 15, 2018 marks three successful years of growing the Black Swim Community! Over the last 3 years we have been privileged to meet many talented young Black swimmers and their families.  You shared your experiences and advice...

Top 10 for Parents to Survive Summer Swim Season

It’s that time of year again! Summer swim season is here and you have to be ready if you and your family want to enjoy the many benefits of participating in competitive swimming’s most exciting season. Black Kids Swim has compiled a list of must...

Meet Jourie Wilson: 5 time State Champion Swimmer

Meet Jourie Wilson a 12 year old swimmer for the Highland Hurricanes in Highland Indiana. Jourie began swimming competitively at the age of 4. Since then, she has won the Indiana State Championship FIVE TIMES. Jourie is listed among the top 16 swimmers in the United...

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Official Statement on Red Cross Poster

Black Kids Swim remains committed to increasing the number of African Americans excelling in the sport of competitive swimming by supporting Black children and their families with resources, information, and access to opportunities. The images and videos produced and distributed by the Red Cross are...

Red Cross Poster

What’s the big deal about the Red Cross Poster?

Black Kids Swim objects to the message and implications in the Red Cross poster “Be Cool Follow the Rules” and any images that portray Black people in a negative light. Images of African Americans as a brutish, over-sexualized, criminal and helpless population are circulated freely...

Are You Ready for Summer League Swimming?

It's that time of year again! School is wrapping up and parents are looking for fun (energy draining) activities that will help their kid make friends, stay in shape, and learn the value of hard work and dedication. Black Kids Swim highly suggests you put...


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