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Naji Ali, a Black Open Water Swimmer

Learning to swim at the age of 43 sounds uncommon for most people, but it was better late than never for open water swimmer, Naji Ali. "I was determined that I wanted to swim," Ali said. "I didn't care what it would take. I was...

Meet Tabono Clinic Master Coach: Marcus Fitts

By: Brianna Rhodes Whether it’s swimming competitively or participating in a triathlon, Tabono Clinic master coach, Marcus Fitts (@coach_fitts) has always been committed to staying healthy and active. As a high school and college student, Fitts played a number of sports, including track and field and football,...

Coach Kennedy Albany Stingrays into: The Champion Factory

Richard Kennedy, also known as the Underwater Educator, is the Head Coach of the Stingrays in Albany Georgia. He calls his team the "Champion Factory" and after just two years of coaching, eight of his swimmers qualified to compete in the Georgia Recreation and Parks...

LIVE BROADCAST: Howard University Swim and Dive Team

Did you know there is only ONE Historically Black College or University with a swim team? Well, it's true.  And that is the one and only Howard University.  Led by HU Alumnus, Coach Nicholas Askew, the Division One Howard University Swim and Dive Team is...

My Kids Want to Quit Swimming

Nothing makes a great swimmer want to quit swimming more than an overbearing parent. You know the ones. As much as they love their kid they can't help but offer critiques after every race; "you took too many breaths, stop looking at the swimmer next...

Black Kids Swim Interviews Swim Legend Jim Ellis

In 1971, Jim Ellis founded an African-American swim team called PDR. The initials stood for both Philadelphia Department of Recreation, and also Pride Determination Resilience. His story is chronicled in the feature film 'Pride.'  In 2007, Jim Ellis received the Presidential Honor Award from the...

Why do some Black people fear the water?

Robert Lozado is a lifeguard and swim instructor for several pools in the Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission. Many of the pools he works in are located in the majority African-American area of Prince George's County Maryland. He teaches adults, infants and children how...

Coach Elvin Foreman shares his thoughts with BKS

Coach Elvin Foreman shares his thoughts with BKS

Coach Elvin Foreman is the Head Coach Elite Rays Swim Club and the Head Coach of the Fort Washington Sharks. Coach Foreman was our daughter's first swim coach in the U.S. after living overseas for 2 years. He and his assistant coaches guided our family through the, sometimes intimidating,...

dc wave coach robert green

Coach Robert Green Speaks with BKS

Coach Robert M. Green is the head coach for DC Wave and the Competitive Swimming Programs manager for Washington D.C. Parks and Recreation. With over 10 years of coaching experience and practically a lifetime of swimming experience we thought he'd be a great person to interview....

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