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Joshua Wyse video

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Natalie Hinds, USA – 2020 Olympics Tokyo

Natalie Hinds swam the 4x100m Freestyle Relay SUN, JUL 25 winning a bronze medal.This is Natalie Hinds's first Olympic Games representing the USA. Natalie and her teammate were the first two University of Florida to win a medal at the 2020 Olympics....

Joshua Liendo, Canada – 2020 Olympics Tokyo

Joshua Liendo will swim the Semi Final 100m Freestyle WED, JUL 28 - 01:30 (GMT) and the 100m Butterfly THU, JUL 29 - 10:50 (GMT) and Men's 50m Freestyle FRI, JUL 30 - 10:00 (GMT)This is Joshua Liendo's first Olympic Games representing Canada....