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Black Kids Swim Introduces the Warrior Swim Cap

History teaches us that African people were skilled swimmers and divers centuries ago.  The first written account of the crawl or freestyle referred to West Africans in Senegal and Ghana.  Swimming and excelling in the water is a part of African history and competitive swimming...

Theresa Banks Championship girls team

Black Girls Swim! Part 1

Meet the Ladies of the Theresa Banks Swim Club! The Theresa Banks Tiger Sharks Swim Club (TBSC) is a co-ed summer swim team located in Prince George’s County Maryland. ...

Words of Advice from the Howard University Women’s Swim Team

Meet the fabulous ladies of the Howard University Women's Swimming and Diving Team!! Black Kids Swim was excited to meet several members from the Howard University Women's Swimming and Diving Team during the 30th Annual Black History Invitational Swim Meet. The ladies were kind enough to...

Black Girl Swimmers are ‘Naturally Glamorous’

Jonna is a lifestyle, hair and fashion blogger for Naturally Glam 'Where being glam comes naturally'.  Her blog and YouTube channel is a  resource for women who want to be glamorous without spending a lot of time and money. Jonna's YouTube channel features lots of videos where...

Bruce Johnson gives hair care advice for black swimmers

More hair care advice for black swimmers from Bruce Johnson

Bruce Johnson is a cosmetologist and the owner of Avatar Salon and Wellness Spa in Silver Spring Maryland. Black Kids Swim previously interviewed Bruce about the dangers of chlorine. His advice was so appreciated we decided to bring him back! Below, Bruce continues providing excellent...

Swim mom Karen Norman tlks with Black Kids Swim

Swim Mom Karen Norman Speaks with BKS

Karen and Percy Norman are the swim mom and dad of Clarke (10) and Madison (13). Both girls swim year round and began swimming competitively at the age of 6. Karen sat down with Black Kids Swim to share her thoughts on the barriers that...

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