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Introducing EBAN SHIELD: Pre-Swim Treatment and Chlorine Protection for Swimmers’ Hair

Introducing EBAN SHIELD: Pre-Swim Treatment and Chlorine Protection for Swimmers’ Hair

The EBAN system of hair products and swim caps was created as an act of love by a swim mom for her daughter.  As her daughter became tired of cornrows, daily hair maintenance after swim practices became a frustrating struggle.  Knowing that Black girls regularly quit the sport of competitive swimming as a result of hair and skin care issues, mom knew she had to do something.  To keep her daughter swimming, she researched the best methods and moisturizers to protect Black hair from chlorine.  From that, the EBAN line was created to protect the health and dreams of Black girl swimmers by protecting their hair from the damage resulting from regular exposure to chorine.

The Ghanaian Adinkra symbol Eban is a fence that represents the protection and security provided by a fence around the home. The fence separates and secures the home and loved ones from the dangers outside.  The fence, or Eban, also symbolizes love by keeping bad things out while keeping good things in.  EBAN products create a fence of protection around Black hair, keeping it healthy and strong.

Use EBAN SHIELD Pre-Swim Treatment as part of the Soak, Coat, Cover method specifically designed to protect swimmer’s hair from the damage caused by exposure to chlorine. EBAN SHIELD Pre-Swim Treatment benefits include:

  • Combination of Shea Butter, Coconut Oil, Argan Oil and Jojoba Oil provides a moisturizing treatment while you swim
  • Vitamin C and E Enriched
  • UV Protection
  • Drecnhes hair with intense moisture
  • Protects against Chlorine damage
  • Special combination of Nettle Leaf Oil and Royal Jelly repairs damaged hair
  • Contains NO Parabens

EBAN SHIELD Pre-Swim Treatment is available for sale in the Black Kids Swim store and at all events at which BKS vends.

EBAN SHIELD is a product of RTG Holdings Inc. distributed by Black Kids Swim, LLC


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Comments: 2

  • Kendra Heckstall
    May 31, 2018 6:16 pm

    Hello! My daughter is a competitive swimmer and we are looking for ways to protect her hair. She keeps protected styles and currently has a sew in. Would the Eban Shield product still work with a sew in and her hair braided underneath? Thanks! We are trying to get her hair to grow. Thanks!

    • Black Kids Swim
      June 1, 2018 8:45 am

      EBAN Shield is perfect to be used as a pre-treatment before the hair is braided up to get the weave. Not on the weave itself.

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