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Hair is a huge issue for swimmers.  Black hair and chlorine do not mix well.  For many African Americans, hair is unfortunately a reason to avoid the sport of competitive swimming entirely.

Black Kids Swim developed the SOAK, COAT, COVER system to protect swimmers' hair and edges. This system protects hair from soaking up large amounts of chlorine - ending the problem of brittle, breaking, and discolored hair. Additionally, the BKS system prevents silicone and rubber caps from ripping out hair along the edges and hairline.

The SOAK, COAT, COVER method will protect your swimmer's hair from harmful chlorine and prevent silicone and rubber caps from pulling your swimmers hair and edges out at the roots.

black-hair-protection-soak-1 SOAK

First, SOAK your hair with water in the shower.
Dry hair is like a sponge - it will soak up whatever it comes into contact with. If your hair is full of chlorine-free water it can't soak up as much chlorinated water.


Second, COAT your hair with a moisturizing Leave-in conditioner or your favorite moisturizer. This coating will lock the good stuff in and keep harmful chlorine out.
black-hair-protection-coat-2 black-hair-protection-coat-1


Third, COVER your hair with a Black Kids Swim Eban cap.
The cap will prevent your rubber or silicone cap from sliding off due to the moisturizing conditioner or moisturizer and also prevent the rubber or silicone cap from ripping your hair out from the roots.
black-hair-protection-cover-2 black-hair-protection-cover-1

Now, you are ready to put your rubber or silicone cap on over the Black Kids Swim Eban cap and swim!

Remember to always wash your hair with shampoo (water and conditioner is NOT enough) after every swim.

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