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Healthy Lunch Ideas for Competitive Swimmers

Now that we are in the midst of championship season, swim parents should look carefully at the number of swim meets on the horizon.  Have your calendar handy so that you are ALWAYS prepared to properly nourish your swimmer.   In our last blog we discussed breakfast....

Is winter swimming safe

Swimming During the Winter: Is it safe?

Many Black swim parents worry that if their child swims in in-door pools during the winter, as year-round swim clubs do, they will get sick.  However, the coaching and consistent training provided by a year-round swim club is necessary for young swimmers who want to...

Nutritional Advice for Swimmers

What Swimmers Should Eat – Nutrition Advice from a Collegiate Diver

You are what you eat! Elijah Wright is an up and coming diver who was named Coastal Collegiate Sports Association's Diver of the Week FIVE times in just six weeks. [caption id="attachment_1449" align="alignleft" width="160"] Salome and Elijah at his high school graduation[/caption] Elijah also swam competitively for...

What you should feed your swimmer

Feeding your swimmer

Kids, especially teenagers, seem to be constantly hungry. Experienced swim parents (read swim taxis!) know to keep a stash of snacks and juices in the car to avoid the daily complaints of "I'm starving!" So, what should we feed our swimmers to ensure they are...

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