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About BKS

Black Kids Swim celebrates and publicizes the truth that African-American children can and do excel in the sport of swimming.

This online community was inspired by our daughter who is a championship butterfly and freestyle swimmer. One day she entered the term ‘Black Kids Swim’ into a search engine. The results were both alarming and saddening. We want to change what the world thinks when they hear the words ‘Black Kids Swim.’ We debunk the myth that Black children do not swim well and we will encourage those that cannot swim to learn!

This website highlights the accomplishments of Black children in the sport of swimming and also serves as a resource for families with experienced swimmers and those with children who want to explore the sport of swimming.

There are multiple resources to help Black children learn basic water safety skills. Black Kids Swim wants to see our children do more than simply ‘survive’ in the water. We want them to develop a valuable technique that can benefit them physically and professionally throughout their entire lives.

Most importantly, the sportsmanship, pursuit of constant improvement, and discipline learned from competitive swimming will help our children develop techniques and characteristics needed to succeed in life – personally, educationally and professionally.


To provide access to an increased range of opportunities for Black children by encouraging the development of proficient swim techniques. We do this by raising awareness, providing guidance, and serving as the go-to source for information on competitive and non-competitive Black swim team options.


The Reach

The Black Kids Swim Logo is formed by 10 interwoven curves representing strength and achievement. The blue curves show the strength of water and the black curves symbolize African American children’s achievement of swimming on top of the water.

The logo ‘The Reach’ symbolizes sustained effort in order to achieve excellence in all areas of life.