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The Underlying Impact of Racism in Swimming

June 24, 2021, started as a regular day for Kamilah Cunningham when she accompanied her daughter and niece to the community pool in South Euclid, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.  An afternoon enjoying the water and sunny views turned into something unexpected when her daughter and...

The Gorée Project is here!

The Gorée Project: The Beginning

BKS' commitment to changing the competitive swim space has led us to create The Gorée Project. This special first-of-its-kind leadership initiative is BKS' response to exclusionary practices. It's our method of creating a monumental, trans-continental, unifying project designed to bring the African diaspora into focus...

We’ve Always Had Your Back

Seventeen days after George Floyd was killed by police officers the world is still protesting. They are protesting against governments that allow security forces to harm and kill innocent Black men, women, and children. We support their efforts. The recent lackluster statement by USA Swimming regarding...

BKS' Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

BKS’ Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

Black Kids Swim's only priority is creating and protecting excellence in Black children. We do this by fearlessly educating our children about the centuries long history of violence towards innocent African Americans, lovingly inspiring our children with infinite accounts of Black excellence, and tirelessly creating opportunities...

Meet Maritza McClendon: An Inspiration To Black Swimmers

Determination and perseverance are two distinct qualities that describe Maritza McClendon not only as a swimmer but as a human being. Despite the naysayers and critics, Maritza McClendon was destined to come out on top as a competitive swimmer and make history as the first African...

DC Wave Swim Team To Host 34th Black History Invitational Meet

By: Brianna Rhodes The 34th Black History Invitational Swim Meet (BHISM) will take place at the Takoma Aquatic Center from Feb. 14th through Feb. 16th in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by D.C Parks and Recreation, BHISM is held every year during Black History Month to recognize the significant...

Hey Swim World, It’s Time to Wake Up

The recent events involving high school swimmer Breckynn Willis and official Jill Blackstone should serve as an alarm clock to the world of competitive swimming; it is time to prepare for the inevitable diversification of the sport. As the majority white world of competitive swimming...

So…What Color Are Mermaids?

All of the recent debate over Disney's casting of the gorgeous and talented Halle Bailey as the new Ariel in the live action The Little Mermaid led Black Kids Swim to ask the question: Where do Mermaids really come from? Before Ariel graced our screens in 1989,...

2019 Black History Invitational Swim Meet

The 33rd Black History Invitational Swim Meet

Thirty-three years ago in February, two swim teams from D.C. Parks and Recreation and Baltimore City competed in a dual meet as a Black History event. Both teams were predominantly Black.  Although it was just a small local meet, word spread quickly about a special...

What to Expect in 2019 from Black Kids Swim

It's a New Year and we are excited to announce a ton of new events, offerings, and products created especially for the Black Kids Swim community! The 2019 BKS Challenge! To permanently change the relationship between the Black community and the water - we have to make...

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