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BKS' Own Afro-Cultural Competitive Swim Clinic

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Afro-Cultural Competitive Swim Skills Clinic

A unique Afro-Cultural experience designed explicitly to prepare Black swimmers to excel at the elite levels of the sport. Our expert team of coaches, nutritionists, and fitness experts focus on stroke technique, starts and turns, dryland workouts, and healthy diet. Both swimmers AND parents experience a full afternoon of workshops designed to prepare athletes for elite performance.

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BKSLoves This Sport!
BKS Makes Swimming Cool!

Black Kids Swim creates content to make the sport of competitive swimming exciting and inviting for Black children. We are smashing negative stereotypes, combating a legacy of fear and exclusion, promoting African American role models, and opening doors of access to swim training.  We are making swimming cool for Black children.

The #LoveThisSport campaign consists of two videos, “Training Day” and “Love Never Fails.” Training day showcases some of the fastest Black swimmers of all ages in the Potomac Valley Local Swim Committee which includes parts of Maryland, DC and Virginia. “Love Never Fails” features Rayven Custis, the former fastest 11 year old in the nation in the 50 free. Both videos celebrate young Black swimmers in order to inspire more of our children to LOVE to swim!

#BlackKidsSwim  #LoveThisSport

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