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What to Expect in 2019 from Black Kids Swim

What to Expect in 2019 from Black Kids Swim

It’s a New Year and we are excited to announce a ton of new events, offerings, and products created especially for the Black Kids Swim community!

The 2019 BKS Challenge!

To permanently change the relationship between the Black community and the water – we have to make some serious changes.  Join us in completing the 2019 BKS Challenge to end the legacy of fear and create more Black swimmers.


Black Kids Swim, with our partner EBAN Living, launched a new line of hair care products specifically designed for swimmers. Check out the Swimmers Ultimate Hair Care System today!

More Exciting Interviews

We’ve tracked down the next generation of elite Black swimmers and we can’t wait to share their stories with you! Kris Lawson, the fastest 13 year old in the USA, shares his experiences and offers advice on how to how to excel in the sport.  Varsity Swim Coach Ja’Von Waters Sr of Cass Technical High School explains how he is building a swimming dynasty in Detroit Michigan. And the Howard University Swim and Dive Team reveals how they’re making waves as the only HBCU with a swim team.

Resources for Elite Swimmers

We have lined up a series of articles and videos to help you get your swimmer to the next level.  This year we will be focusing on Nutrition and Dry Land.  Those things your swimmer can do outside of the pool – with your assistance and support – to improve as a competitive swimmer. We are so excited to have Benetta Rodgers of Swimmer’s Bag on board! Every month Benetta will share new recipes and strategies to help your swimmer ‘Eat for Energy’ and sustain their energy for every race. Stay tuned for our special series on Dry Land exercises as well.


This May Black Kids Swim will host our first ever BKS Skills Camp! This one-day event will provide swimmers and parents with everything they need to understand the sport of swimming and succeed. We will also host our annual Summer Swim Fair to ensure more Black kids enjoy the experience of swimming on a summer swim team.  We hope to see you there!


Follow BKS on YouTube for Inspirational videos and Q&A sessions with elite swimmers, swim parents, and coaches.  These videos are designed to help you and your swimmer get all of your questions about competitive swimming answered by those with the most experience.  This video features Karl and Kim Whitley – parents to Sports Illustrated’s  2015 SportKid of the year Reece Whitley.



Comments: 3

  • Idella Willis
    January 14, 2019 7:06 pm

    I am so glad to find your site! My daughter is 13 and has been swimming for 5 years. She recently transitioned to playing water polo full time for the last 2 years. As a teenager she doesn’t want me to keep braiding her hair and is trying to stay as low maintenance as possible after daily swim, so we’re dealing with a lot of breakage. So happy that I could read this article with her so that y’all can back me up that it takes more work than what she thought . I am biracial so her hair texture is not the same as mine and I’ve had to rely on a lot of advice on the internet but I have not been able to find anything to tackle the issue with the combination of hair and swim for young black girls till now. We are also in a community where African American Water Polo players are rare, so I’m glad to see this site know there are other parents and kids that enjoy the water as much as my daughter does, and also can commiserate with the struggles, the schedules, and the stigmas. Looking forward to checking out the site more the upcoming articles etc

  • Danista Hunte
    February 6, 2019 5:22 pm

    when and where is the national swim meet for 2019

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