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JonnaJonna is a lifestyle, hair and fashion blogger for Naturally Glam ‘Where being glam comes naturally’.  Her blog and YouTube channel is a  resource for women who want to be glamorous without spending a lot of time and money. Jonna’s YouTube channel features lots of videos where she gives step by step visual instructions on how to take care of natural hair and how to do different styles.

Jonna believes black women are most glamorous when we enhance what we naturally already have in the way of hair, lifestyle, fashion. She says that black girls swimmers are naturally glamorous! Since Jonna has first hand experience in maintaining healthy and gorgeous natural hair we knew she’d have great tips for our readers. Jonna sat down with Black Kids Swim and gave us a real education on how to take care of our swimmers’ hair.

I understand that Black Kids Swim readers have children who are in the pool 3 – 6 days a week and that is very hard on their hair.

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