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Meet Kaliyah – breaking barriers in the pool

Meet Kaliyah – breaking barriers in the pool

Kaliyah is pretty darn amazing in the water. She holds several Maryland state records (similar to Michael Phelps).

Kaliyah loves the sport of swimming and her teammates. Being a bi-racial child has sometimes been a struggle and there have been learning moments when she has been slapped in the face with racism, however she continues despite being a minority in a predominately white sport. Kaliyah inspires and drives the swimmers around her with her encouragement and energy.

Thank you for creating this page for little girls like her. God willing she makes it to the Olympic platform, Kaliyah understands her gift and her purpose that is attached to it. She is committed to showing other girls just like her, both minority and  economically disadvantaged, that they too can break glass ceilings in the swimming world!

Kaliyah Hinson


York YMCA-Middie Atlantic

Kaliyah Hinson

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