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EBAN Shield: The Solution to the Chlorine Hair Damage Problem

EBAN Shield: The Solution to the Chlorine Hair Damage Problem

Just one short month ago, Black Kids Swim launched EBAN Shield, a pre-swim treatment offering superior chlorine protection for competitive and casual swimmers.  This product was created to stop chlorine hair damage by a swim mom out of love for her daughter and all kids who love to swim yet struggle with hair issues.

Bought it at the National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet for my daughter. She really likes it.
– A. Ricks (Facebook)

Finally, there is a solution to the chlorine hair damage problem.  Swim families across the country are using EBAN Shield and loving it!

ALL of us, water people, need this product!! 
– T. Griffin (Facebook)

Our kids are excelling in and out of the pool and we are here to support them in any way possible.  We cannot allow hair care issues to prevent our kids from benefitting from all that swimming has to offer.

Use EBAN Shield as part of the Soak, Coat, Cover method to protect your swimmer’s hair and edges from breakage and damage.

The special combination of Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil, and Coconut oils in EBAN Shield provide a deep conditioning treatment while you swim, and the vitamin C helps to break down harmful chlorine.

I purchased Eban pre swim conditioner and both caps at the 16th Annual National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet during Memorial Day weekend. My daughter practices 7-8 times per week. She tried the products at the meet and she absolutely loves the way that her hair feels.
– @fsubronco67 (Instagram)

Swimmers can have healthy and beautiful hair!  As long as it is properly protected and nourished, swimmers do not have to suffer from chlorine hair damage.  The Ghanaian Adinkra Symbol, Eban, represents protection and security provided by a fence around the home.  EBAN Shield creates a fence of protection around the hair, keeping Chlorine out and moisture in – leaving hair healthy, vibrant and strong.

Excellent product… it works wonders…happy swimmer!!!
– A. Ensley (Facebook)