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My Kids Want to Quit Swimming

Nothing makes a great swimmer want to quit swimming more than an overbearing parent. You know the ones. As much as they love their kid they can't help but offer critiques after every race; "you took too many breaths, stop looking at the swimmer next...

Find the Right College for Your Student Athlete

5 Steps to Writing a Great College Essay

STUDENT Athletes Corner – Helpful tips for parents on supporting a successful student and swimmer A column by Monica E. Randall, PhD. Let me share a little known secret with you.  In recent years, college admissions officials have placed more weight on college essays when making admission...

Web Chat with swim parents Karl and Kim Whitley

Black Kids Swim hosts a live web chat with expert Black swim parents Karl and Kim Whitley; parents of elite swimmer Reece Whitley. Reece broke the 13 -14 national age group record in the 200 breast stroke at the age of 13 and also competed...

Giles Smith Gives Expert Advice for Young Black Swimmers

Today, Black Kids Swim turns TWO years old! To celebrate, we are giving you more of what you love: expert advice for young Black swimmers. Tonight, U.S. National Swim Team member Giles Smith will take your questions live on our website. We hope you'll join us...

Adult Swim Lessons August 5th in LaPlata Maryland

Did you know that 70% of African Americans lack basic swimming skills? And, if a parent does not know how to swim there is an 87% chance that their child will never learn how to swim. It's time to change these statistics. DMV Social has partnered with...

Summer Swim is Over, Now What?

Your child just finished a fun and exciting summer of swimming for a summer league team. They've made new friends, strengthened their swim techniques, and developed a passion for the sport of competitive swimming. You're proud of their accomplishments and want to encourage them to...

Top 10 for Parents to Survive Summer Swim Season

It’s that time of year again! Summer swim season is here and you have to be ready if you and your family want to enjoy the many benefits of participating in competitive swimming’s most exciting season. Black Kids Swim has compiled a list of must...

Baltimore Swim Club 4MSC hosts Parents vs Kids Swim Meet

Parents on deck during a swim meet is normal, but parents in the pool is a rare occurrence. Marvin Thorpe, coach and owner of the 4MSC competitive swim team and learn-to-swim school, believes that parents should learn first hand how rewarding (and demanding) the sport can be.  He...

Members of District Triathlon

Black Triathletes Welcome a Swim Mom

As a swim mom I spend most of my pool time in the stands or on deck – I rarely get in the pool. And I don't think I'm alone in this. I've met a surprising number of swim parents, especially in the Black community,...

bks photo shoot 8 and under girls

Growing the Black Kids Swim Community

We want to see more Black swimmers.  We want more Black people to have the life-saving skill of swimming, and to have access to the educational and professional opportunities available through competitive swimming. We believe that if we can grow the Black Kids Swim community we...

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