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We want to see more Black swimmers.  We want more Black people to have the life-saving skill of swimming, and to have access to the educational and professional opportunities available through competitive swimming.

We believe that if we can grow the Black Kids Swim community we will be able to share the benefits of swimming with more African Americans and connect more parents with a supportive community of experienced Black swimmers and swim parents.  If we can do this, we believe we will increase Black participation in the sport and, in the process, change the face of competitive swimming.

Our goal is to reach 1,000 Facebook fans by Jan 1, 2017 and 4,500 Facebook fans by July 30, 2017.  If we can reach both of our ambitious goals we will have taken a big first step in encouraging more Black kids to swim and paving the way for more elite Black swimmers to serve as role models for the swimmers of tomorrow.

We need your support.  Do you want to help grow the Black Kids Swim community?

Visit our Facebook page and share a photo of your swimmer, a few words on why they love the sport and things you do to be a supportive swim parent.

EVERY DAY we will mail a BKS gift to the family with the best post.  The competition begins Today Dec 16 and ends on Jan 1.

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Comments (10)

  • Rashida Phillips

    I am looking for a black swim club for young people ages 10-up in New Jersey.

    • Black Kids Swim

      Thank you for the question! Try Lifetime Fitness New Jersey, Metro Dynasty Swim Team New Jersey, Clifton Boys and Girls Club New Jersey, YWCA Orange Stingrays, New Jersey Stingrays, or New Jersey Dynasty Swim Team. Let us know which team you decide on.

  • Cynthia Warren

    I am looking for a black swim club for children ages 9 and under in North Carolina.

  • Katrina

    Looking for a black swim club; black swim classes; black swimming instructor etc. in Arizona!!

  • Katrina

    Same needs for Colorado. Any referrals for Colorado as well as Arizona? Thank you!

  • Safiya Cramer

    Also looking for a Black Swim Club in California? Thanks again!

  • Joan

    I am looking for a black swim club or even one with a relatively good mix of races for age 11 and older in the Fairburn Georgia area.

  • Evita Wells

    Looking for a culturally diverse competitive swim club in the Tampa/Sarasota Florida area


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