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Author: Black Kids Swim

Your Scholar Athlete and the PSAT

Congratulations! Your scholar athlete just completed the PSAT. The PSATⓇ is a helpful planning tool for high school juniors. It allows students to identify their strengths and weaknesses as well as develop a personal testing timeline. Results will be available around mid-December. What steps should...

Help Build the “BKS Find a Swim Team” Database

We hear it every day "My kid is the only one on their swim team." Black children who enjoy the sport of competitive swimming are frequently the only one on their team and one of very few at swim meets. This may, unfortunately, lead to isolation,...

Khalid Ali Joins the Fayetteville Area Swim Team

Khalid Ali is six years old and recently tried out for the local city swim team in Fayetteville, North Carolina. Khalid began taking swim lessons at the local YMCA in January with the #1 goal of joining a swim team.  We are SO PROUD of Khalid for achieving...

Summer Swim Team Scholarships Available NOW!

Black Kids Swim was created to increase the number of Black competitive swimmers. We believe joining a summer swim team is the perfect way for kids to have a great time while they explore the world of competitive swimming. The Black Kids Swim Summer Swim Team Scholarship...

Free Red Cross Lifeguard Training by American Pool

Summer break is almost here, and everyone is looking for the perfect summer job.  Why not spend the summer by the pool as a lifeguard and pool operator?  Black Kids Swim has partnered with American Pool to offer free Red Cross Lifeguard Training and Pool Operator Training.  American...

Black Kids Swim Introduces the Warrior Swim Cap

History teaches us that African people were skilled swimmers and divers centuries ago.  The first written account of the crawl or freestyle referred to West Africans in Senegal and Ghana.  Swimming and excelling in the water is a part of African history and competitive swimming...


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