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Race for Change Triathlete – Hollie Adejumo

Occupation: Triathlon Ambassador

Hollie Adejumo is an enthusiastic triathlete and first-generation Nigerian-American who is committed to inspiring others and increasing diversity in triathlon races. She aims to compete internationally to bring awareness to disparities and provide opportunities for athletes in resource-constrained communities to succeed. Hollie Adejumo is excited to change the landscape of triathlon through meaningful relationships and collaborations with other athletes and organizations.

Hollie has competed in dozens of endurance sports events throughout athletic career. She swam competitively through the Retriever Aquatic Club (Baltimore, MD) in elementary and middle school. Throughout high school, Hollie competed in cross country and distance track events. As a collegiate student, she ventured into competitive cycling at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County. Now as a graduate student, Hollie joined the University of Michigan Triathlon Team, and the Ann Arbor Velo Club (cycling). She was selected to join the Diversity Infusion Syndicate by Khadijah (DISK) triathlon team in 2021.

Outside of training for triathlons, Hollie is a PhD Candidate at the University of Michigan. She is passionate about providing equitable access to safe drinking water. Through her research, she studies contaminants found in tap water, and the health effects of exposure. Her goals are to make sure that everyone has access to safe drinking water.

Hollie is excited to volunteer with the 501c organization, Black Kids Swim. She is passionate about encouraging minority participation in endurance events and competitive swimming. Particularly, Hollie is looking forward to partnering with Black Kids Swim in the upcoming Ironman Foundation Race for Change Initiative. Hollie is excited to give back to the community, cultivate a welcoming environment, and provide opportunities for other aspiring athletes.


“Begin with the end in mind.” Think about your goals, and visualize yourself succeeding in your goals. Then, get started.

The goal behind the Race For Change relay teams is to foster support for The IRONMAN Foundation’s diversity initiative and inspire more diverse athletes to consider IRONMAN events.
What non-athlete would you most like to train with and why?

It would be fun to train with some of my family members and friends. I know that a lot of people are curious about triathlon, and interested in trying it out. It would be exciting to introduce them to the sport!

What food do you most wish was healthy but it’s not?

I love heavy carbs and starches, like fries.

Other than swimming what's the one thing you know most about?

Treating tap water and wastewater to remove contaminants. I also know a lot about the bacteria in the human gastrointestinal tract.

Silicone or latex?

Silicone caps work best for my natural hair and protective styles.

What about your personality makes you an athlete?

I’m a perfectionist and a hard worker. I love setting big goals, and working on the details along the way to accomplish my goals.

How long have you been an athlete and where did you get your start?

I have been an athlete for as long as I can remember. I started-off playing team sports, like T-ball and soccer. Eventually, I joined a swim team and haven’t turned back since. I love all sports, especially swimming.

Do you have any pre-game rituals or routines?

Pre-race, I usually like to spend some time relaxing. I listen to music, clear out the distractions, and make sure that everything is set-up and prepared for the race.

What advice would you give to Black people who want to participate in races like this but don’t know where to begin?

Finding community is so important. It can be nice to share experiences and to encourage one another. There’s so much to learn, and finding a community of supporters can help you to navigate through the uncertainties, while lifting up each other in the process.

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Hollie’s Race History


  • General Smallwood – Sprint Triathlon (2015) 1:40:17
  • Big Fish – Sprint Triathlon (2021) 1:19:59
  • Rev3 Williamsburg – Olympic Triathlon (2021) 02:56:48
  • Sun Devil Draft Legal – Sprint Triathlon (2021) 01:24:08

Other endurance races

  • SWIM 100 freestyle – 00:01:08
  • SWIM 500 freestyle – 00:06:40
  • RUN 5 km – 0:19:30
  • RUN 10 km run – 00:50:41
  • RUN 2 miles – 00:11:39
  • RUN 1 mile – 00:05:26

Other teams/organizations Hollie competes with

  • Ann Arbor Velo Club – cycling racing team
  • University of Michigan Triathlon Team – triathlon racing
  • Ann Arbor Masters Swimming – swim team
  • GRIT USA – triathlon ambassador