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DC Parks and RecreationThe DC Department of Parks and Recreation (DPR) announced that for the first time, DPR will participate in SwimJitsu, an annual nationwide event presented by USA Swimming and the North American Sports Group.  The District is one of 14 cities hosting this one-day, one of a kind event.  The DC SwimJitsu event will take place on Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 9 am until approximately 6:45 pm at the Takoma Aquatic Center (300 Van Buren St., NW).  Registration is required.

Centered in the sacred Traits of Wisdom, Speed, and Agility; SwimJitsu participants, also known as “swimjas,” aim to complete entertaining obstacles such as balancing across beams, swimming through trenches and cannonballing off the top of Mt. Swimja. Once participants conquer the course and the three sacred traits of speed, agility and wisdom, they can claim the title of Grand Master Swimja. 

In addition to the original SwimJitsu, the course is available in a smaller version – SwimJitsu Lite, which offers a smaller course but is just as challenging. Adding a second option allows SwimJitsu opens up additional locations and allows swim teams to use as an introduction to the sport of swimming.

SwimJitsu is fun for participants of all ages and skill, even those just beginning their swimming journey.  To find more information on SwimJitsu, including to register to participate, visit


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