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The Underlying Impact of Racism in Swimming

June 24, 2021, started as a regular day for Kamilah Cunningham when she accompanied her daughter and niece to the community pool in South Euclid, Ohio, a suburb of Cleveland.  An afternoon enjoying the water and sunny views turned into something unexpected when her daughter and...

BKS' Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

BKS’ Statement on the Killing of George Floyd

Black Kids Swim's only priority is creating and protecting excellence in Black children. We do this by fearlessly educating our children about the centuries long history of violence towards innocent African Americans, lovingly inspiring our children with infinite accounts of Black excellence, and tirelessly creating opportunities...

Hey Swim World, It’s Time to Wake Up

The recent events involving high school swimmer Breckynn Willis and official Jill Blackstone should serve as an alarm clock to the world of competitive swimming; it is time to prepare for the inevitable diversification of the sport. As the majority white world of competitive swimming...

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