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Meet Swim Dad and Fitness Expert Joseph Koroma

Swim Dad extraordinaire and professional fitness expert Joseph S. Koroma Jr. is all about health and fitness.  Whether it’s training a professional athlete or helping a new mom get her mojo back, the owner of fitness company, MaxFit LLC, loves helping people get strong and in shape....

DC Wave Swim Team To Host 34th Black History Invitational Meet

By: Brianna Rhodes The 34th Black History Invitational Swim Meet (BHISM) will take place at the Takoma Aquatic Center from Feb. 14th through Feb. 16th in Washington, D.C. Sponsored by D.C Parks and Recreation, BHISM is held every year during Black History Month to recognize the significant...

Swimming is Freedom: The 32nd Annual Dakar-Goree Swim

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Four hundred years ago, the first enslaved Africans arrived in Jamestown, Virginia in the United States. To celebrate the Year of Return, Black Kids Swim traveled to Dakar Senegal to witness the annual Dakar-Goree swim. We went, we thought, to capture an event; to meet some...

National Black Heritage Swim Meet 2018

2019 National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet

It's almost here! Our very favorite swim meet of the year! The swim meet Black Kids Swim calls the 'Family Reunion of the Black Swim Community'! The 2019 National Black Heritage Championship Swim Meet is Hosted by the North Carolina Aquablazers Swim Team. The meet will take...

LIVE BROADCAST: Howard University Swim and Dive Team

Did you know there is only ONE Historically Black College or University with a swim team? Well, it's true.  And that is the one and only Howard University.  Led by HU Alumnus, Coach Nicholas Askew, the Division One Howard University Swim and Dive Team is...

Summer Swim Fair 2018

2018 Summer Swim Fair is coming!

Join Black Kids Swim Saturday May 19 for the Second Annual Summer Swim Fair! Does your child want to learn how to swim, improve their swimming technique, and have the experience of being on a swim team? Then sign them up for a summer swim team! Summer...