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Red Cross Poster

Black Kids Swim objects to the message and implications in the Red Cross poster “Be Cool Follow the Rules” and any images that portray Black people in a negative light. Images of African Americans as a brutish, over-sexualized, criminal and helpless population are circulated freely and are impacting the way the Black community sees itself. And, the way the world sees us.

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Black Kids Swim will be meticulous in our creation of and response to any image that relates to our young swimmers. We do this because of our understanding that we owe a debt to the athletes, coaches, officials, families, and activists who have made great personal sacrifices to open the doors of competitive swimming for the Black community.



It is a ‘big deal’ when our kids are slighted. It is offensive to suggest that we should sit quietly, calm down, and get over it. Our community, our kids, deserve our protection and the world’s respect. Black Kids Swim promises to continue to provide that protection and demand that respect.


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