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Black Lives Lost Due to Drowning Go Ignored by the Red Cross

The Red Cross teaches millions of Americans how to swim. Yet, today, 70 percent of African Americans lack basic swimming skills. Additionally, the Red Cross’s Centennial Campaign, charged with training 50,000 new swimmers in areas with some of the nation’s highest drowning rates, does not...

Theresa Banks Championship girls team

Black Girls Swim! Part 1

Meet the Ladies of the Theresa Banks Swim Club! [caption id="attachment_1706" align="alignleft" width="300"] Black Kids Swim features the Theresa Banks Swim Club. Hairstyles by Fabulocs.[/caption] The Theresa Banks Swim Club (TBSC) is a co-ed summer swim team located in Prince George’s County Maryland. The TBSC Tiger Sharks compete...

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Official Statement on Red Cross Poster

Black Kids Swim remains committed to increasing the number of African Americans excelling in the sport of competitive swimming by supporting Black children and their families with resources, information, and access to opportunities. The images and videos produced and distributed by the Red Cross are...

Red Cross Poster

What’s the big deal about the Red Cross Poster?

Black Kids Swim objects to the message and implications in the Red Cross poster “Be Cool Follow the Rules” and any images that portray Black people in a negative light. Images of African Americans as a brutish, over-sexualized, criminal and helpless population are circulated freely...


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