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Red Cross Poster

Last summer, the Red Cross pulled its negative swimming posters. Has it done anything to change disparate drowning statistics in the African American community?

Black Kids Swim, a Maryland based non-profit organization, works to diversify the sport of competitive swimming by increasing access to swim instruction and training for African American families.  Black children, aged 10-11 are ten times more likely to drown than white children.  Fear of drowning, lack of access, and hair and skin issues discourage African American children from participating in the sport of competitive swimming.  Consequently, less than two percent of USA Swimming members, competitive swimmers, are African American.

Black Kids Swim is working to change how the African American community relates to the sport of swimming.  We highlight successful Black elite swimmers, provide information and resources to prospective swim parents, give hair care advice, and encourage Black kids to consider competitive swimming as a sport that could lead to educational and professional opportunities.

In an interview with Slate Magazine, Founder Ebony Rosemond advocates for real change.

Read the full article HERE.


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