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Let's face it, competitive swimming can simply be cost prohibitive for many families. Swim teams are forced to charge fees to cover pool lanes, coaching staff, insurance and a host of other expenses. To stay afloat, and to keep the sport as affordable as possible, many teams look to subsidize their operations with concession sales and other fundraisers during meets. It's Black Kids Swim's mission is to create more Black competitive swimmers by eliminating barriers to entry into the sport.

Through a partnership with American Pool's Lifeguarding Program, Guard for Life, Black Kids Swim has awarded summer swim team scholarships to four amazing young swimmers. Congratulations to Mikkel Le Blanc, Shane Brent, Sophie Koroma, and Riley-Simone Muse!!! We were so inspired by their passion for the sport and are proud to be a part of their continued success in the pool!

If your swimmer or team missed this year's scholarship opportunity, Black Kids Swim has another way you can still help your swim team keep the sport affordable. The EBAN Shield fundraiser! The EBAN Shield fundraiser is simple program that allows swim teams to earn money simply by sharing BKS information and product with their team-members and friends. Any time one of those team members or friends makes a purchase your team makes money! Tell your swim team right away so that they can start making money and keep the pool open!

Meet the Black Kids Swim/Guard for Life 2018 Swim Scholarship Recipients!

-Mikkel Le Blanc, Takoma Park All Stars

Six years ago, I swam in my first meet. It was so cool. It was an awesome feeling to be swimming competively in front of a group of people, and being one of the only black kids made it more interesting. Ever since then, I have fell in love with the sport. In 6 years I turned from a newbie, to a team leader. I have broken two team records in the 50 freestyle and the 50 breaststroke. I am now a 7-time Maryland State Champion, and in August, I will be attending my 8th consecutive championship.

– Riley-Simone Muse, Theresa Banks Swim Club

I was glad when my mom told me she would let me swim this summer with Theresa Banks Swim Team because I knew it would help me become a strong swim which is one of my goals. I love to watch videos of the Olympics my favorite is Michael Phelps. He is so good at swimming I really hope to make it to the Olympics one day. My mom said anything is possible I just have to work hard and that’s what I plan to do by swimming every day.

– Shane Brent, Severn Crossing Stingrays Swim Team

Another reason why I would like to be on the swim team is because I would like to work on my skills. I would love to be able to swim longer and faster! On vacations, I could actually enjoy myself while in the pool and in the ocean because I know how to swim. I’ve always had an interest in swimming and this would be the perfect opportunity. I am very competitive, so that means I would love the swim team because I like to race people. And since I love swimming, I could race people while doing something that I love. I can’t wait to show my skills!

– Camille Koroma, Theresa Banks Swim Club

I like swimming because it is so much fun. My favorite stroke is butterfly. I want to be on the swim team because I want to be like my sister. And I want to be fast like my sister. My coaches are nice. Swim team is fun because my friends are fun.


Don't forget, if you missed the scholarship opportunity this summer, your team can still raise money with BKS' EBAN Shield Fundraiser.

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