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TABONO Competitive Swim Skills Clinic

Photo credit Victor Bosier

Saturday May 18th, Severna Park, Maryland
4 Experienced Coaches
1 Dry Land Trainer
1 Nutrition Specialist


Photo credit Victor Bosier

BKS’ One-of-a-Kind Swim Skills Clinic Benefits BOTH Parents and Swimmers.

Both parents and swimmers will receive expert instruction on what it takes to excel in competitive swimming. Parents will receive 2 hours of nutrition instruction and guidance on preparing for collegiate swimming while swimmers benefit from individualized attention during a 2 hour swim session with 4 highly experienced swim coaches. Then, swimmers and parents will come together for a half hour motivational session on dry land techniques. At the close of the clinic, parents will have a one-on-one meeting with one of our 4 expert coaches to discuss their swimmers strengths and areas for improvement. Each family will receive an individualized TABONO Report with strategies for improving performance over the next swim season.


  • • Nutritional Guidance
  • • Hands-on Food Prep Session
  • • Collegiate Swimming Info Session
  • • 1-on-1 Consultation with Expert Coach
  • • Black Swim Parenting 101 Class

  • • 2 Hour In-Water Session
  • • Technical Focus on Starts and Turns
  • • Injury Prevention Dryland Regimen
  • • End-of-Day TABONO Race Challenges
  • • Cultural Heritage Motivational Session

What is TABONO?

15th century accounts of swimmers and divers from Ghana and Senegal confirm their unsurpassed speed and strength in the water. In that same tradition, the TABONO Competitive Swim Skills Clinic will provide swimmers and their parents with the skills and strategies necessary to Dominate the Water. The TABONO Adinkra symbol represents Strength, Confidence and Persistence; the 3 tenants of the competitive swim skills clinic.

Tabono Adinkra symbol

Prepare Your Swimmer To Dominate The Water!

35 Swimmers

Swimmer Requirements:
• Ages 8 – 15
• Boys & Girls
• At least 1 BB time
• Currently on a team

Photo credit Victor Bosier

Swimmers who want to reach the elite level must have access to instruction on proper technique, nutrition, dryland​ training, and self-motivation. The TABONO clinic was developed by the Black swim community to ensure young swimmers who show promise in the sport are prepared for success. Swimmers will be reminded that the Black Swim community expects excellence and focus on STRENGTH, CONFIDENCE, and PERSISTENCE; qualities that will lead to success in the water and in life.

TABONO Skills Report

A Custom Report from Your Swimmer’s Clinic Coach

• Nutrition Recommendations
• Strengths/Improvement Areas Report
• Dryland Recommendations
• Calendar of Events

Elite swimmers are able to hold proper form for long distances while moving at top speed. Swimmers will practice warm-up drills with heavy emphasis on correct mechanics and body position to increase muscle strength and improve stroke technique.
Confidence during a race (and in life) is a byproduct of knowing you have what it takes to win. Swimmers will benefit from two-hours of intense technical coaching from four highly successful swim coaches working on perfecting starts, turns and self-motivation strategies.
Champions aren’t made overnight. The TABONO Competitive Swim Skills Clinic will motivate swimmers to love the sport and continue training hard to develop into the very best swimmers they can be. Parents and swimmers will hear from African-American swimmers, coaches, nutritionists, and personal trainers who are dedicated to increasing Black participation in competitive swimming.
Joseph Koroma will lead parents and swimmers in a dynamic circuit training regimen ideal for young swimmers to implement during the swim season. The class will include exercises for strength training, flexibility, and injury prevention.
Baba Beynu will lead a hands-on demonstration of "food combining techniques." Parents will learn how to create meals that provide young swimmers with optimal energy for increased brain activity, recovery and muscle development. The class will emphasize sources of protein, whole food carbohydrates, healthy fats, and  immune system protection.
History teaches us that African people were skilled swimmers and divers centuries ago.  The first written account of the crawl or freestyle referred to West Africans in Senegal and Ghana.  Swimming and excelling in the water is a part of African history and competitive swimming is a part of the African diaspora's legacy. Swimmers will be reminded that the Black Swim community expects excellence; Black swimmers will be honorable and courageous both in the pool and in life.
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Black Kids Swim will host the TABONO Competitive Swim Skills Clinic at the Severna Park Community Center. We look forward to seeing you there!

Address: 623 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd Severna Park, MD 21146