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Summer Swim Fair 2018

2018 Summer Swim Fair is coming!

Join Black Kids Swim Saturday May 19 for the Second Annual Summer Swim Fair! Does your child want to learn how to swim, improve their swimming technique, and have the experience of being on a swim team? Then sign them up for a summer swim team! Summer...

Black Kids Swim Introduces the Warrior Swim Cap

History teaches us that African people were skilled swimmers and divers centuries ago.  The first written account of the crawl or freestyle referred to West Africans in Senegal and Ghana.  Swimming and excelling in the water is a part of African history and competitive swimming...

Meet Kaliyah – breaking barriers in the pool

Kaliyah is pretty darn amazing in the water. She holds several Maryland state records (similar to Michael Phelps). Kaliyah loves the sport of swimming and her teammates. Being a bi-racial child has sometimes been a struggle and there have been learning moments when she has been...

My Kids Want to Quit Swimming

Nothing makes a great swimmer want to quit swimming more than an overbearing parent. You know the ones. As much as they love their kid they can't help but offer critiques after every race; "you took too many breaths, stop looking at the swimmer next...

32nd Annual Black History Invitational Swim Meet

We can't wait to watch over 1,000 talented kids swim this weekend at the 32nd Annual Black History Invitational Swim Meet sponsored by DC Parks and Recreation and the Office of Mayor Muriel Bowser.  This is an amazing opportunity for swimmers to face some of...

2018 dc national girls & women in sports day expo

Join BKS for National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Many Black women and girls avoid the sport of swimming. Join BKS for National Girls and Women in Sports Day as we continue our work to Change The Tide! Black Kids Swim wants ALL woman and girls to experience the joy of swimming! To that end...

National Museum of African American History and Culture

Visit the NMAAHC with Black Kids Swim

To celebrate Black History Month, Black Kids Swim will visit the National Museum of African American History and Culture.  BKS received a special invitation to visit the NMAAHC with Black Kids Swim members.  During our visit, we will have the opportunity to speak with sports...

Find the Right College for Your Student Athlete

5 Steps to Writing a Great College Essay

STUDENT Athletes Corner – Helpful tips for parents on supporting a successful student and swimmer A column by Monica E. Randall, PhD. Let me share a little known secret with you.  In recent years, college admissions officials have placed more weight on college essays when making admission...


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