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2020 TABONO Competitive Swim Skills Clinic

It’s Back!



Afro-Cultural Swim Clinic

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623 Baltimore & Annapolis BLVD
Severna Park, Maryland
1:00pm to 5:00pm

Cost: $150 covers 1 swimmer and 2 parents

TABONO Afro-Cultural Swim Clinic Tenants

What sets TABONO apart is what we stand for. Embracing the Adinkra symbol, Tabono, honors our African history and acknowledges that greatness is only achieved through continued teamwork, dedication, and sacrifice.

Elite swimmers hold proper form for long distances while moving at top speed. Swimmers will practice warm-up drills with heavy emphasis on correct mechanics and body position to increase muscle strength and improve stroke technique.

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History teaches us that African people were skilled swimmers and divers. The first written account of the crawl or freestyle referred to West Africans in Senegal and Ghana. Swimming and excelling in the water is a part of African history and competitive swimming is a part of the African diaspora’s legacy. Swimmers will be reminded that we expect them to be honorable and courageous both in the pool and in life.

Register for the 2020 Afro-Cultural Competitive Swim Skills Clinic NOW!

Confidence during a race (and in life) is a by-product of knowing you have what it takes to win. Swimmers will benefit from two-hours of intense technical coaching from four highly successful swim coaches working on perfecting starts, turns and self-motivation strategies.

Register for the 2020 Afro-Cultural Competitive Swim Skills Clinic NOW!

The TABONO Competitive Swim Skills Clinic will motivate swimmers to develop into the very best swimmers they can be. Parents and swimmers will hear from African-American swimmers, parents of elite swimmers, coaches, nutritionists, and personal trainers who are dedicated to increasing and improving Black participation in competitive swimming.

Register for the 2020 Afro-Cultural Competitive Swim Skills Clinic NOW!

Meet Our Coaches

The TABONO coaching staff shares decades of experience bringing out the best in parents and swimmers. Their love for the sport and dedication to the Black swim community creates a uniquely supportive environment for young Black swimmers.

<<< Meet our coaches

Salim King is the Assistant Coach for Howard University’s Swim and Dive Team. He enjoys working with the current crop of distance swimmers as they help move the Bison to new heights.

Salim is the former head swim coach for Central High School in Maryland, where he produced the school’s first all-state swimmer.

A native of Hempstead, New York, Salim attended Hempstead High School (1993-97). He was a member of the swimming and diving team. Heavily recruited, Salim decided to attend Howard University where he was both a school record holder in the 1650-yard freestyle and the team captain. After graduation, Salim taught for Prince George’s County Public Schools and offered private swim lessons to friends and family. He desired to begin coaching on a larger and more competitive scale and went on to coach the Kingfish Swim team in the Prince-Mount swim league for two seasons. As head coach, King led the Kingfish to a 14-2 combined record before being offered an opportunity to return to his alma mater.

Marcus Fitts is the Founder and President of District Triathlon, a non-profit organization on a mission to encourage, inspire, support and increase the participation of people of color in triathlon and endurance sports.

Marcus and District Triathlon members promote healthy lifestyles, and uplift communities in DC and the Washington metropolitan area. A competitive swimmer, Marcus was the captain of his high school varsity swim team and earned a college athletic scholarship to swim in the NAIA for Savannah College of Art and Design. He served as the head swim coach for Northwestern High Schools for 5 seasons. He is a USA Triathlon Level 1 certified coach.

Beynu Osagyefo (Baba Beynu) is an educator, nutritionist, and a Swim Dad.

His philosophy is to challenge the body and engage the mind: “The pain is just weakness transformed to strength, when times get hard we go harder, think smarter, (life principle) say be like water.”(Sticman Let It Burn)

He advocates swimmers follow the guidance of Dr. Laila Afrika, Dr. Jewell Pookrum, Ian Noel, and Dr. John Chissell in practicing food combining, herbology, alkaline-based foods, affirmations and visualizations in order to sustain wellness and maximize athletic performance. Baba Beynu served as the Aquatic Director for Mount Vernon Rec Center, Aquatic Director for Coppin State College, certified Ellis & Associates Lifeguard Instructor, certified American Red Cross Water Safety Instructor, certified American Fitness Professionals Association trainer, certified children’s fitness trainer and certified WaterArt Aquatic Personal Trainer. Baba Beynu has over 15 years’ experience designing nutrition, personal training, aquatic fitness, and children’s movement programs. He specializes in utilizing nutrition, aquatic resistance training, Bando yoga, and Chi Kung/ Dikitisa Ngolo (internal energy work) to regain mobility, range of motion, and functional movement after traumatic injuries.

Yolanda Baylor is the Assistant swim coach for Charles Herbert Flowers High School in Springdale, MD and the swim coordinator for District Triathlon.

This year her team had the best season in the school’s history as the men’s team won 2nd place in the Prince George’s County Championship Meet and 3rd place in the 4A/3A regional meet.

Yolanda began swimming competitively at the age of 7, as part of the historic Theresa Banks Swim Club. She went on to swim for Charles Herbert Flowers High School where she broke every swim record and captured the school’s first 50 meter Freestyle title. She received a full Athletic Swimming scholarship to Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University in Tallahassee, FL where she excelled in freestyle and backstroke events.

Joseph S. Koroma, MaxFit, has more than twelve years experience preparing individuals and teams to be elite athletes.

He develops customized speed, conditioning, strength and power regimens for amateur and professional athletes to improve athletic performance. Joseph is the former MVP for the Pensacola Barracudas Arena Football team and served as a Sergeant in the Army Reserves.  He holds the National Strength Professionals Association (NSPA) and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certifications.

Coach Corey Wallace is the head coach for the Prince George’s County Sharks Swim Team. His swimmers have participated in the Eastern Zone Age Group Championships as well as Metros (Washington Metropolitan Interscholastic Swimming and Diving Championship Meet).

Before joining the Sharks, Corey was the Senior Age/Advanced Group coach for Nations Capital Swim Club in Prince George’s county for 19 years. He also coached the seven-time Division A Championship team Theresa Banks Swim Club, in the Prince-Mont Summer Swim League (PMSL). As a young swimmer, Corey swam for DC Parks and Recreation.

Tabono Workshops

TABONO is the ONLY swim skills clinic that serves both swimmers AND parents. Elite-level swimming is a team effort – so it’s a team clinic. Swimmers and parents attend workshops to improve their understanding of the sport and what it takes to excel.

1:00 – 1:30

Registration and Welcome!
Get ready for an amazing day with the Black Swim Community. Begin with a welcome from Black Kids Swim Founder, Ebony Rosemond, and meet the entire TABONO team.

1:30 – 2:30

Parent Track: Nutrition & Food Prep workshop
Eating habits can make or break an athlete. What your swimmer eats is just as important as how your swimmer trains.
Parents will learn how to create a healthy diet to support their athlete during training, tapering, and competition.

Swimmer Track: Stroke Technique
Proper technique allows swimmers to move efficiently through the water and conserve energy. The better stroke technique a swimmer has, the faster they can swim.
Swimmers will review proper technique and body positioning for the four competitive strokes and complete a series of drills to improve stroke mechanics.

2:30 – 3:30

Parent Track: How to Parent an Elite Swimmer
Parents of elite swimmers do more than cheer. Swim Parents have an important role to play in the success of their swimmer.
Black Kids Swim will lead a panel discussion featuring parents of elite Black swimmers and former collegiate swimmers who will share personal stories and offer guidance on how to navigate the world of competitive swimming to ensure your child receives the training and rewards they deserve.

Swimmer Track: Starts and Turns
Races are won or lost at the wall. Fine-tuned race skills are critical to shaving time. Proper start technique minimizes water resistance while entering the water and tight fluid turns can increase a swimmers momentum.
Swimmers will receive one-on-one coaching to improve starts and turns and achieve maximum velocity in the water.

3:30 – 4:05

Parent & Swimmer Track: Dryland
Effective dryland workouts allow swimmers to develop muscular power greater than any in-water training. Young swimmers will be consistent with dryland training when it is FUN and they have a partner – hint hint parents!
Parents and swimmers will complete an exciting dryland circuit training class packed with exercises that they can repeat together at home.

4:05  – 4:40

Parent & Swimmer Track: TABONO Report
Elite swimmers do more than show up for practice; they set goals, work on areas for improvement, and track their progress.
Each parent and swimmer will have a one-on-one feedback session with their child’s TABONO coach. Together, they will develop a practice, nutrition, and dryland plan to help swimmers achieve their goals over the next swim season.

4:40  – 5:00

Parent & Swimmer Track: TABONO Closing
Close out the day with inspiring words from the TABONO coaching staff to carry your young swimmer through the next swim season.

Everything you need to know about TABONO

Participation, registration, sponsorships and more.

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623 Baltimore & Annapolis BLVD
Severna Park, Maryland
1:00pm to 5:00pm

Cost: $150 covers 1 swimmer and 2 parents

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