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Diversity in Swimming Programs: Black Kids Swim Consulting Services

We understand.  You have a beautiful aquatics facility with highly trained instructors and a carefully designed course curriculum.  The problem is – you can’t seem to attract a diverse group of adults and children to register for your classes.  You’ve tried everything; created brochures with models from divers ethnic backgrounds, discounted learn to swim classes, and promoted your course offerings throughout the community. And still, attendance has not improved.

Or, perhaps you run a successful YMCA, USA Swimming or school swim team. You have dedicated parent volunteers and talented swimmers who love the sport. Still, despite your best efforts, the team lacks ethnic diversity.

We’d like to help. Black Kids Swim is the #1 trusted resource in the African American community for all things swim related.

We are uniquely qualified to increase diversity in swimming related programs and competitive swim teams. Through our website and social media channels, we reach more than 16,000 African American kids, parents and grandparents every day. We understand their concerns about learning to swim. And, we have successfully increased African American participation in aquatics programs and competitive swimming.

Black Kids Swim has a proven track record of connecting with and informing the African American community to increase participation in swim related activities. We attract national media attention through print, radio and television; host community events; provide social media coverage for aquatics events; lead trainings and workshops for parents and aquatics professionals; fundraise for swim scholarships and organize volunteer communities. We can work with your organization to create a customized solution to your problem.

If your organization would like assistance in reaching out to the local African American community to promote diversity in swimming programs, contact Black Kids Swim. Let’s work together to change the relationship between the African American community and the water, reduce the drowning rate, and diversify the sport of competitive swimming.

Our Services

Community Connections:

Relationships are everything. Wether you are building or repairing relationships with the community, Black Kids Swim is a trusted partner and subject matter expert in increasing diversity in swimming. Work with Black Kids Swim to strengthen relationships between your organization and the surrounding community. We can organize events and opportunities to attract positive publicity and position your facility as a trusted destination for swim lessons and aquatics activities.  We will also introduce your instructors, leadership and course offerings to the community in order to increase enrollment and reinforce your message of providing a valuable public service.

Customer Service, Communication and Course Offerings:

Are you engaging effectively with your target audience? How are you perceived in the community? How can you improve the customer experience in your aquatics facility? Black Kids Swim surveyed more than 500 parents of Black swimmers in 2019 (Black Kids Swim Survey: Improving the Competitive Swim Experience for Black Swimmers) to better understand their desires and fears as it relates to learn to swim programs, diversity in swimming, and competitive swim teams. Using insight gained from this survey, we can improve your messaging and services in order to increase customer satisfaction.

Cultural Sensitivity Training:

Customer service begins with strong communication skills. Black Kids Swim can assist your team members in developing a better awareness of the perspectives of those they serve and make them more sensitive to customer goals. Work with Black Kids Swim to create an environment where your employees and customers are treated with the respect they deserve.

Contact Black Kids Swim at to learn more about our consulting services.

About Black Kids Swim:

Black Kids Swim is a 501c3 organization based in Prince George’s County, Maryland. Our mission is to increase Black participation in the sport of competitive swimming. To succeed in our mission, we must increase the number of African Americans with proficient swim skills. We do this through educational outreach, scholarship programs for young Black swimmers, promoting diversity in swimming, and hosting events to strengthen the Black Swim Community.

Since our founding in 2015, we have been featured in a wide variety of print, radio and television outlets including The Washington Post, BBC, The View, The New York Times, The Shade Room, Safe Kids Worldwide, Pool Safely, BounceTV, The Chicago Tribune and the Baltimore Sun. Our social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and website reach more than 16,000 parents and swimmers every day. We are the #1 trusted resource in the African American community for all things swim related. In 2018, Black Kids Swim was awarded Aquatics International’s Change Maker Award for our work in diversifying the sport of competitive swimming.

Black Kids Swim founder, Ebony Rosemond, is a graduate of Florida A&M University (BA) and Howard University (MA). She and her husband, Edward Rosemond, founded EBAN to meet the unique hair and skin needs of swimmers. Their daughter, Rayven, is a championship freestyle and butterfly swimmer.

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